Camera Dolly Accessories


p/n 204-1000

$89.00 (USD) 

The Dolly Platform Plate allows you to add sandbags, large rocks (or other objects if you're way out on location) to help weight down the Dolly when needed.  Use the Platform Plate to hold extra camera accessories while shooting.


Easy to set up. No Tools Required!


Flat and lightweight, the Platform stows away in the Lid of the Dolly Kit Bag.


The Platform Plate comes with:

Qty: 1 Platform Plate.

Qty: 3 Universal Mounting Knobs.

Mounting holes placed throughout the Platform Plate allow the ProCam Motion Riser Kit to be attached without having to remove the Platform. 


NOTE: Riser Kit not included.


p/n 202-1000

$89.00 (USD) 

Dual Spike Cup Kit - Allows you to mount a tripod with dual-spiked feet to the dolly. One spike will slip into the cup, the other will over-hang the edge of the cup. ALWAYS use the supplied tri-pod anchor for safe use.


The Kit comes with:

Qty: 3 Dual Spike Cups

Qty: 3 Universal Knobs

Qty: 1 Carry Pouch

RISER KIT  with 100mm Cup

p/n 200-1000

$395.00 (USD)

The Riser will hold up to 50lbs (22.6kg) of camera weight.


The Riser Kit will raise the camera 6 inches or 12 inches above the dolly. 


The Kit also comes with a 100mm Cup to mount your tripod head (If you need a 75mm Cup Insert please see below)


You can also mount the camera flat on the camera plate by removing the 100mm Cup (NOTE: Multi-Mount Knob Kit is needed)


The Riser comes with:

Qty: 1 Camera Plate

Qty: 1 100mm Cup

Qty: 3 Universal Knobs

Qty: 3 Six inch and 3 Twelve inch legs

Qty: 1 Carry Pouch


Easy set up.  No tools required!

NOTE: To mount the camera flat to the Riser Kit Plate, remove the 100mm Cup to use the ProCam Motion MULTI MOUNT KNOB KIT (sold separately)

75mm Cup Insert

p/n 201-1000

$49.00 (USD) 

A 75mm Cup Insert is also available. The insert sits in the 100mm Cup Bowl allowing you to mount a 75mm ball Tripod Head.


p/n 555-1001

$59.00 (USD) 

The Multi Mount Knob Kit utilizes the industry standard 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 threads which allow you to:


  • Mount your camera directly to the ProCam Motion Dolly T-Bar.

  • Use the Knob and Reversible Washers flat-end to mount your camera flat on the Riser Kit Plate.

  • Flip the Reversible Washer over and the knob acts like a bowl clamp tie-down to mount a tripod head to the Riser's 100mm Bowl.

  • The Multi Mount Knob Kit can also be used to mount 3rd Party components.


The Kit comes with:


Qty: 1 - Multi Mount Knob

Qty: 1 - Multi Mount Reversible Washer

Qty: 1 - 2 inch SS Threaded Reversible Stud

Qty: 1 - 3 inch SS Threaded Reversible Stud

Qty: 1 - 4 inch SS Threaded Reversible Stud

The Multi Mount Knob can be used by itself to mount a camera flat to the ProCam Motion Dolly Bars for those ultra low-angle shots.

Use the Knob and Reversible Washers flat-end to mount your camera flat under the Riser Kit Plate.

Tripod bowl clamp too long? Flip the Reversible Washer around and the Multi-Mount Knob will act as a bowl clamp tie-down to mount a tripod head to the ProCam Motion Riser Kit 100mm Bowl.


p/n 101-1003-003

$229.00 (USD) 

Extra 3ft (1m) Track Section

1 section track tubes - each tube is 36 inches

Comes with:

1 Crossbar

NOTE: You can also purchase extra sections of track in increments of:

6' (2m)   p/n 101-1003-006 $449.00 (USD)

9' (3m)   p/n 101-1003-009 $659.00 (USD)

12' (4m) p/n 101-1003-012 $859.00 (USD) 

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