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Mobile Mount Kit

Suction Mount


The ProCam Motion MOBILE MOUNT KIT allows you to mount your camera to a vehicle to capture those cinematic driving scenes. * The Addition of the Mobile Mount Dolly Adapter Kit (sold separately) allows the kit to be used as a camera Riser / Hi Hat as well. See Below.

Mobile Mount Kit

p/n 103-100

$995.00 (USD)

The ProCam Motion Mobile Mount Kit weighs under 14lbs (6.35kg) and will hold camera loads up to 35 pounds (15.87kg)


The Mobile Mount Kit includes:

Qty: 1 Top Plate Assembly

Qty: 1 100mm Cup Mount

Qty: 1 Flat Camera Plate

Qty: 3 Twelve inch Extension Tubes

Qty: 3 Eighteen inch Extension Tubes

Qty: 3 Suction Cup Assemblies

Qty: 3 Suction Cup Protective Bags

Qty: 1 Multi-Mount Knob Kit

Qty: 2 Safety Straps

Qty: 1 Soft Padded Carry Bag


Simply push the Suction Cup Lever down on the cup once placed firmly against the mounting surface. This will create a vacuum between the mounting surface and the cup.


Note: Prior to use, clean and dry ALL mounting surfaces. The provided Safety Straps must aslo be used with this kit for safe operation at all times.

ProCam Motion Mobile Mount Car Rig Kit

Mobile Mount Demo Video

Mobile Mount Kit with 100mm Cup
ProCam Motion Car Mount Suction Cup
ProCam Motion Mobile Mount Camera Plates
ProCam Motion Mobile Mount Kit with Flat Plate

100mm Cup Mount

Mount your 100mm Tripod Ball Head to the Mobile Mount using the provided 100mm Cup Mount.


Turn the Three Universal Knobs into place to hold the Cup Mount to the Camera Mount Assembly.


NOTE: Use the provided Multi Mount Knob Kit (3 inch Threaded Stud / Knob / Dome Washer) to secure the camera under the 100mm Cup Mount.

Mount the Camera using the Flat Camera Plate proivded in the kit.  


Turn the Three Universal Knobs into place to hold the Camera Flat Plate to the Camera Mount Assembly.


The Flat Plate contains a Bubble Level for accurate leveling.


NOTE: Use the provided Multi Mount Knob Kit (3 inch Threaded Stud / Knob / Flat Washer) to secure the camera to the Flat Plate.

The ProCam Motion Multi Mount Knob Comes with the Mobile Mount Kit.  Use a combination of reversible threaded studs, camera knob, dome / flat washer to attach your camera flat to the Camera Plate, or clamp down on the 100mm Cup Mount.

Fully Adjustable - The Universal Clamp Ratchet Levers are adjustable so you can pull and swivel the lever to fully adjust the clamp or extension tube.

Mobile Mount Kit with 100mm Cup

Flat Camera Plate

Mobile Mount Kit with Flat Plate

Multi Mount Knob Kit

Multi Mount Kob Kit

Universal Clamps with Adjustable Lever

ProCam Motion Universal Knuckle Mount

Mobile Mount On-Location Video

Mobile Mount Dolly Adapter Kit

Mobile Mount Dolly Adapter Kit

p/n 203-1000

$245.00 (USD) 

Mobile Mount Camera Dolly Adapter Kit
Mobile Mount Dolly Adapter Kit

This handy accessory allows you to transform the Mobile Mount to a camera Riser / Hi-Hat by using the MOBILE MOUNT DOLLY ADAPTER KIT.


Simply attach the Adapter Legs to the Mobile Mount Extension Tubes and use the Universal Knobs (provided) to lock the legs into the Dolly System.


Quick and easy - No Tools Required!


With a combination of the 12 and 18" Extension Tubes you can mount the camera from 8 inches to 22 inches off the Dolly.


The Kit Comes with:


Qty: 3 Dolly Adapter Leg Assemblies

Qty: 3 Universal Knobs

Qty: 1 Pouch

Mobile Mount CameDolly Adapter Kit System

Mobile Mount Dolly Adapter Kit Demo Video

Mobile Mount Dolly Adapter Kit
ProCam Motion Adjustable Camera Hi Hat
Mobile Mount Dolly Adapter Kit in Dolly
Mobile Mount Dolly Adapter Kit Hi Hat
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