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The Riser Kit will hold up to 50lbs (22.6kg) of camera weight.

Quick set up time. Mounts to the ProCam Motion Camera Dolly and Track Kit with no tools required!

A camera can mount flat to the camera plate, or mount your tripod head to the 100mm Cup (75mm cup insert is also available - see the Accessory Page)

The Riser Kit comes with:

Qty: 1 Camera Plate

Qty: 1 100mm Cup

Qty: 1 100mm Cup Locking Knob

Qty: 3 Six Inch Legs

Qty: 3 Twelve Inch Legs

Qty: 3 Universal Knobs

Qty: 1 Carry Pouch

Suggested Use:

75mm Insert Cup #SKU 201-1000

Multi Mount Knob Kit #SKU 200-1000

Riser Kit

SKU: 200-1000
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