The Multi-Mount Knob Kit utilizes the industry standard 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 threads which allow you to:

  • Mount your camera directly to the ProCam Motion Dolly T-Bar.
  • Use the Knob and Reversible Washers flat-end to mount your camera flat on the Riser Kit Plate.
  • Flip the Reversible Washer over and the knob acts like a bowl clamp tie-down to mount a tripod head to the Riser's 100mm Bowl.
  • The Multi Mount Knob Kit can also be used to mount 3rd Party components.

The Kit Includes:

Qty: 1 Multi-Mount Knob

Qty: 1 Multi-Mount Washer

Qty: 1 Multi-Mount 2" Stainless Steel Threaded Stud

Qty: 1 Multi-Mount 3" Stainless Steel Threaded Stud

Qty: 1 Multi-Mount 4" Stainless Steel Threaded Stud

Multi Mount Knob Kit

SKU: 555-1001

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